Busting Male Grooming Myths

Busting Male Grooming Myths

What a Load of Poppycock

Have you ever sprayed yourself with Lynx and then been dissapointed when hordes of scantily clad women fail to appear? Us too. Perhaps unsurprisingly, myths abound in the male grooming world. There are some we hear regularly from our clients here at Huckle. Granted, most aren’t as outrageous as the claims made by smelly stuff, but there are many untruths circulating. We tend to repeat them without thinking and modify our behaviour accordingly, even though their veracity has never been proven. No more. In this post we put seven of the most persistent grooming myths to bed once and for all.

Wearing hats makes you go bald

If you choose to wear a hat that’s so tight it cuts off circulation to your scalp you deserve to go bald. But you’d pass out long before that happens. That’s not to say hats are completely harmless. They can cause damage because of the continual pressure being placed on hair strands, so it’s probably best not to wear one every day.

Hair grows faster in the sun

The sun. Bringer of suntans and good times. But it’s no Miracle-Gro for hair. Guys often choose a short haircut before they go on holiday because they think their hair will grow faster in sunny climes. Increased Vitamin D does make hair grow slightly quicker, but over the course of a short holiday the difference is minimal.

Cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster

No, it does not. There’s no simpler way to put it. Growth happens at the root of the hair. The hair itself is an inert protein fibre, neither dead nor alive. But a regular trim does improve the appearance of hair and ensures you look sharp.

There’s no difference between a £10 haircut and £50 haircut

Yeah, sure. Just like there’s no difference between plastic bags and Wellington boots in a downpour. When you invest in a premium haircut you’re paying for the experience and training of the barbers. A haircut (not a buzzcut) that will last a month can’t be done in 10 minutes.

There’s a magical cure for baldness

There are all kinds of lotions and potions that claim to beat baldness. It’s true that some may slow down loss or promote growth, but they tend to work with what’s already there. There’s no way you’ll go from cueball to coiffured overnight.

Rather than fighting it, why not embrace your baldness?

Dandruff is just a dry scalp

Oh, but it’s so much more. If you’re experiencing snowfall on your shoulders, don’t be in denial about what’s causing it. Dandruff is more complicated than you might think, with various possible causes.

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You need to wash your hair every day

Shampooing strip hairs of natural oils. Do it every day and your hair will not thank you. In extreme cases your scalp will go into overdrive to compensate, producing so much natural oil that you end up in a vicious cycle of washing and grease.

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We hope you’ve found this post illuminating. It’s always worth questioning received wisdom. Next time you find yourself wisely proclaiming something you’ve never stopped to consider, have a word. You might be spreading a load of poppycock.


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