Barry The Barber

New to the Huckle team, we are excited to welcome “Barry The Barber” to the gang. Bringing with him 30 years of solid experience in hair dressing and men’s barbering, Barry has a reputation of being one of the best, original, traditionally trained barbers around, and we’re honoured to announce that he will be joining Huckle.

Having trained and learnt his trade as a young lad in Newcastle, Barry moved to London where he spent the best part of 20 years working in shops and salons around the city, including his own shop just a few streets away from the Huckle Old Street location. It was here that Barry and Huckle first became friends, recommending and referring clients to each other at busy times.

With barbering at the forefront of his career to date, Barry has gained a huge amount of experience in so many areas of the industry, both in the UK and internationally. After moving to New York to work in the famous Chelsea Hotel and Freeman’s Sporting Club for 5 years, Barry took some time out to travel Asia, where he set up shop on a beach in India - one hell of a story so far!

Welcome to the team, Barry!