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Our Favourite Shops on Lamb’s Conduit St

Eat, drink, be merry Lamb’s Conduit Street is one of London’s most interesting streets. It’s a friendly community of independent shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs where you’ll find fashion, food, fine wine, good beer, and a warm welcome. Oh, and Huckle The Barber of course. To help you get the most from your next visit to Lamb’s Conduit Street, we’ve put together this round-up of our favourite places on and around the street. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, there are loads of excellent spots to check out, but this should give you a feel for what’s going down on the most happening thoroughfare in Bloomsbury. We caught up with Marshal, manager and barber at our Lamb’s Conduit Street...

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Winter Haircare

Get ready for the cold Brace yourself: silly season is around the corner. We can’t be held responsible for the ways you ratchet up your drinking, spending and moneymaker shaking. And we’re secretly thrilled at the thought that you could find yourself in the stationery cupboard, foolscap paper flying hither and thither, locked in a Baileys-fuelled embrace with Susan from accounts. We cannot prevent these shenanigans, nor do we want to. But we can offer you some advice to help keep your hair looking healthy through the coldest, and potentially most decadent, months of the year. Here goes… Top tips for winter hair care 1. Don’t leave house with wet hair Although colds are caused by viruses, lower temperatures increase...

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The Huckle Guide to Wet Shaving

Being clean-shaven could save your life Beards are fashionable, but the clean-shaven look never goes out of style. If you’re a fan of staying smooth, this guide to wet shaving will help you achieve a super-close, irritation-free shave. These shaving tips come from the highest authority: our barbers. You can take advantage of their professional insight to get the most from your wet shave at home, whether you use a straight (cutthroat) razor or a safety razor. If You ’d Rather We Did It Since the dawn of time, man has been waging war on his facial hair. Shells, sharpened rocks, bales of highly trained leatherback turtles - all have served valiantly in the battle against the face forest. Whatever weapon...

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Want your hairstyle to last longer?

Hairdryers offer more than hot air Most blokes don’t use a hair dryer. What’s the point? they say. With short hair the benefits of subjecting your barnet to blasts of warm air are not immediately apparent. You might think it’s a waste of time. But, if you want your style to stay all day, blow drying is your friend. Do you struggle to make your hair look like it does when it’s just been cut? Go to the best barbers in London and you’ll see hair dryers in regular use. Why? It’s not because the barbers enjoy doing their own small-scale impression of Hurricane Ophelia. This windy appliance features in the barber’s toolkit because it’s handy for creating and maintaining...

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