Make the most of your curly hair

Make the most of your curly hair

Embrace the twists and turns of life

Straight is boring. Straight implies conformity, conservatism, and downright dullness. Need evidence? It’s right there in the English language, my friend:

The straight and narrow.

Straight down the line.

Going straight.

See? If this list of three randomly chosen phrases doesn’t convince you, perhaps you need a straight jacket. Straight hair plays by the rules and never gets a parking ticket. Curly hair snogs your nan and smokes at funerals.

Wavy man locks are a handful, but, well managed, they look great. The secret to making the most of your curly hair is, first, to accept it’s not straight. Unless you’re planning to have a head transplant, you will never achieve the neatness of Ryan Reynold’s fade, or the smoothness of Jake Gyllenhaal’s slicked-back style.

Don’t be disheartened. You may not give a fig about what celebrities do with their hair, but the list of wavy-locked leading men is extensive. Try Kit Harrington, Oscar Isaac and Dev Patel for starters.

However, mere star gazing is not sufficient to help you get the most bounce from every ounce of your curly hair. That’s why we caught up with Rory Hazell, who cuts hair at our Lamb’s Conduit Street shop, to get some wavy wisdom.

Have confidence with your curly hair 

“The main issue men face with their curly hair is that they’re just not sure what to do with it. They find it hard to manage and considerate it an inconvenience, so they often want to keep it as short as possible.

You do have to work harder to get the most out of curly hair but the results are worth it. Some men feel silly asking for advice about styling their own hair. But don’t be. Your barber will be glad to help.”

What causes curly hair? 

It’s biology so there nothing you can do about it! Quite a liberating thought. If one of your parents has curly hair then the chances that you will are greatly increased. On an individual hair level, it has to do with the shape of the follicle. An asymmetrical follicle produces an oval-shaped hair that has a tendency to curl.”

Keep it moisturised 

“A frizzy, tangled mop is the most-feared outcome of curly hair. You can minimise frizz by keeping your hair well moisturised. The last thing you want to do is strip the moisture by shampooing everyday. Two or three times a week should do it.

You can condition more often though, and consider using a leave-in conditioner for maximum hair nourishment. Evo Happy Campers* is a great leave-in product for repairing dry or damaged hair, and I really like Evo Liquid Rollers Curl Balm*, which is a thick lotion that helps shape and hold curly hair.”

Reduce the volume 

“Applying some high-quality, matte-finish styling product while your hair is still damp will help maintain the shape of your curls. Kevin Murphy Easy Rider* gives strong, flexible hold, and moisturises your hair at the same time.”

Avoid the fine-tooth comb 

“One to avoid is the fine-tooth comb. If you have unruly hair, you’ll find that a fine comb actually makes matters worse. So use a wide-tooth comb to style if you have to, or simply use your hands.”

Get more volume 

“A diffuser attachment for your hairdryer can work wonders for adding volume to your hair without creating frizz. A diffuser distributes the heat from the hairdryer across a wider area, protecting the hair from that intense, direct blast that can cause frizziness. Combine blowdrying with a salt spray, like Evo Salty Dog*, applied while your hair is still damp for best effect.”


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