Winter Haircare

Winter Haircare

Get ready for the cold

Brace yourself: silly season is around the corner. We can’t be held responsible for the ways you ratchet up your drinking, spending and moneymaker shaking. And we’re secretly thrilled at the thought that you could find yourself in the stationery cupboard, foolscap paper flying hither and thither, locked in a Baileys-fuelled embrace with Susan from accounts.

We cannot prevent these shenanigans, nor do we want to. But we can offer you some advice to help keep your hair looking healthy through the coldest, and potentially most decadent, months of the year.

Here goes…

Top tips for winter hair care

1. Don’t leave house with wet hair

Although colds are caused by viruses, lower temperatures increase your risk of getting sick. What’s more, taking your soggy barnet from warm air in your house to cold air outside can cause the hair to become brittle and break.

To avoid this scenario, wash and dry your hair the night before. Or, you could have a go at blowdrying your hair. Just go easy on the heat and power. For more info, see our post on how to make your hairstyle last longer.

2. Don’t wash too often

When you wash your hair, the shampoo strips healthy, natural oils from your mane, which leaves it lovely and clean but also liable to becoming dry and fragile (if you do it too often). Do your hair a favour over winter and wash it only two or three times a week. You can condition more often, however, to lock in moisture and keep it shiny. We use Davines Well-Being shampoo and conditioner*.

3. Wear a hat

Yes, the dreaded hat hair. Headgear protects your hair from extremes of temperature, which helps to keep it looking healthy. You can invest in a style-refreshing mist to easily perk up your hair when it’s been flattened by a flat cap or trampled by a trilby. We use Davines DEDE Hair Mist*.

4. Drink plenty of water

Water is essential for whole-body health, without it you’d die. That’s some pretty heavy science. But at this time of year, when many of us consume too much delicious (and dehydrating) booze, it’s worth remembering how important H20 really is. Water is vital to the wellbeing all your body’s cells, including in your hair. So drink plenty.

Learn more about how water affects your hair.

5. Grow your hair

An unusual recommendation for a barber to make, you might think. And there is a counter argument for regular winter trims, to prevent the exposed ends of your hair taking a battering. But, longer hair keeps your head warmer, which helps to ward off colds.

A longer beard might also encourage icicles to form - a very rugged look. And it can be used to soak up that delicious Christmas day gravy. Once the food coma has passed, simply wring out your beard over a bowl for a tasty, liquid snack.

Talk to your barber if you’d like to know how to grow your hair without it getting out of control, and read our previous post: How to take care of long hair.


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*You can buy Davines hair care products at Huckle the Barber

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