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Agua De Colonia Concentrada (Natural Spray)

Agua De Colonia Concentrada (Natural Spray)

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The “Agua de Colonia Concentrada Alvarez Gómez” is a harmonious combination of natural essences of Mediterranean origin: Spanish Lemon (with purifying and invigorating properties), Lavender from the Mediterranean Provence (with calming and antiseptic effects), Spanish Geranium (stimulant), Eucalyptus (purifying and invigorating), and many other essential oils (rosemary, thyme, lavender, bergamot ... etc), all of the highest quality.

It is therefore a timeless cologne, engraved with the label of “classic” for giving off perfume to several generations without altering the notes of its original formula and its refreshing aroma, suitable for any time of the year.

It is a product that has survived the intense competition of fashion, it has no age, gender, time or place of application, and it is suitable for the entire family.

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