In the Barber's Chair - Joss Bibby

In the Barber's Chair - Joss Bibby

Joss Bibby is part of the Talking Drums collective, a loose crew of disco weirdos, united by their love of wavy and wonky sounds.

The Manchester  / London collective have steadily been putting out a series of must have 12’ records which have found the love from heavy hitters such as Dj Harvey, Soulwax and Errol Alkan.

Here's a quick Q&A with the main man.

Where you from?
Huddersfield, west Yorkshire. Nice viaducts and the first place Bob Marley performed in the UK, apparently.

Top line of what you do.
I design things, spend time with my family, collect/make music, and play it out. 

Best London district?
All but west :)

Best Shop?
It used to be Oi Polloi in Manchester RIP x

Best bar/club, your hangout?
Brilliant Corners / the Pickle Factory—I’ve played at Brilliant Corners a few times now and love the openness of the crowd. I saw Yusu at the Pickle Factory a little while ago, and the vibe was great. I also love Cosmic Slop in Leeds, but I’ve been unable to get there for a long while now.

Favourite clothing labels.
After reading, ‘The world is on fire, but we’re still buying shoes,’ Any brand that's putting effort into sustainability - I'm trying to chill out on buying new clothes unless I really need them. I still really enjoy the creative side of clothing, but I think our relationship with it needs to change.

What is your favourite DJ / band?
That changes a lot, but if pushed, I’d pick Maurice Fulton, who, for me, has always delivered as a DJ and a producer. 

Best restaurant?
Gloriosa in Glasgow - Owned and run by a good friend and wonderful human - Rosie Healey 

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
Jonny and I tried busking in York when we were teenagers, and it was a disaster.

If you want to plug anything, now’s your chance!
Talking drums mixes - Hours of drum fun.

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