Ten Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Ten Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Make 2019 F*cking Amazing

Another pair of socks? We’d rather go barefoot than succumb to gift drudgery. Christmas is fast approaching and this is the year to up your present game. If you’re struggling to think of a gift for the man in your life, we wrote this post for you. If you are that man, read on, get inspired, then start dropping hints.

This list is all about experiences, not things. So you can steer clear of Amazon. Before we get stuck in it would be remiss of us not to mention the cut and shave at Huckle, surely one of the best ways a refined London gent can spend an hour or two.

In no particular order here are 10 incredible experiences for blokes who have everything.

1. Predator Adventures Thames experience

This 300-horsepower monster makes the RIB look like a child’s toy. Take your seat in the F16 cockpit and get ready for some mayhem on, above and below the water.

2. Japanese cookery course

Take your love of Japanese food to the next level. Evening classes led by Yuki Gomi.
Focused on specific dishes such as sushi and ramen. Be warned: those knives are bloody sharp.

3. Stand-up comedy course

If you need a wheelbarrow for your balls. Learn how to write and perform comedy on this intensive six-week course (one afternoon or evening per week). Ends with an actual live performance. We salute you, sir.

4. Natural movement fitness workshop

Cooped up and overloaded with screen time, physical ailments and depression are the consequence of the modern ‘zoo human’ way of life. Screw that. Rediscover your nature on a MovNat workshop.

5. Russian spa

You may have experienced the sauna and plunge pool combo. Getting beaten with oak twigs then soaped top-to-toe on a marble slab is probably less familiar. The masseuses here do not mess about.

6. Street photography workshop

Learn how to read the streets and overcome your fear of photographing strangers. Technical and creative instruction led by a professional photojournalist on this day-long course.

7. Whisky school

“I’m getting toothpaste and warm sand”. Find out how whisky is made, try loads of drams and talk as much rubbish as you like. Includes a hands-on blending workshop.

8. Bread making course

Kneading dough is one of life’s richest experiences. Ahem. E5 sourdough is fabled across the capital. Learn how to make your own on a day-long course in Hackney.

9. Get Lost extreme travel experience

Turn up at the airport with your passport, jet off to an unknown destination and experience a supreme physical challenge in a wilderness environment. Deep pockets needed — starts at about £20k.

10. Personal fragrance profiling

How do you choose a fragrance? A little spray in the airport, done. Fragrance profiling is more thorough, based on your personality. Let Penhaligon guide you to your perfect pong.

Now, if that hasn’t given you inspiration you deserve socks.


Huckle the Barber provides high-quality grooming services, including haircuts and wet shaves, for discerning London gents. Visit us in Shoreditch or Holborn. Book your Huckle appointment online.

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