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The Perfect Night Out in East London

Hedonistic Happenings We’re hurtling towards Christmas. Party season is almost upon us. If you need inspiration for the perfect night out in East London, we’ve got you covered in this post. There are so many banging places to choose for a night out in East London we could write a book. But we haven’t. Instead we’ve kept it super simple with just two options for each of the following categories: Eat, Drink and Dance. You could select one from each category for a truly epic night or simply pick one venue and spend the whole evening there. Now we’re done micromanaging your social life — on with the list. Eat Bright Bright is brought to you by the people behind...

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The Perfect Day Out in East London

Have a Riot This Autumn Welcome to our second mini guide to London. The first revealed the delights of a day out in Central London. In this post we’re focusing on the wonders of East London. The east was traditionally London’s industrial zone, where tanneries and factories pumped smog into the sky. The area has been transformed of course and these days you’re more likely to find startups than scrapyards. Read on to discover an itinerary for a great day out in East London. There are two options for each part of the day, to cater for all tastes. First Thing Lively A morning swim in London Fields Lido  Plunge into 50 metres of watery heaven. The lido, which had...

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The Perfect Day Out in Central London

Pack in the Fun This Summer Oh London. Where to start? Where does it end? London is undoubtedly one of the finest cities in the world. There is so much to do in our fair capital that it’s impossible to get bored. But it can be hard to navigate the smorgasbord of distractions on offer. That’s where Huckle the Barber comes in. We’ve put together a little guide to help you get the most from the city this summer. It’s a suggested itinerary for a cracking, jam-packed day out in central London. There are two options for each part of the day, to cater for all tastes. This is the first of a few Huckle guides we’ll be publishing over...

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