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Supercharge Your Breakfast

Five Healthy Morning Meals Breakfast. The clue to its benefits is in the name - break…fast. When you wake up, your body has been without food for roughly 12 hours. It needs something to feed on. Donuts and sugary cereal might be delicious, but they’re devoid of nutrients and won’t give you sustained energy. A healthy breakfast—packed with protein, fibre, and antioxidants—can help you maintain energy levels, stave off hunger, and keep your mood balanced. As barbers, we’re on our feet all day, so we know the importance of starting the day the right way. In this post we share five of our favourite healthy breakfast ideas. On the flip side, intermittent fasting—eating an early dinner and then no meal...

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The Best Alternatives to Coffee

Avoid the Slump ‘Today: prepare to be crushed!’ You think to yourself as your morning coffee kicks in. There’s nothing quite like the buzz from the black stuff. That sudden alertness that makes you feel anything is possible. But how does it work? Well, coffee stimulates production of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes your liver to release stored sugars. And, just like that you’re off, riding an unstoppable wave of energy until….the slump. Coffee is wonderful in moderation, and London’s love affair with the magic bean shows no signs of abating, but there can be downsides. Coffee certainly affects your energy levels and your mood (a high followed by a crash), but it can also cause anxiety and have...

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