Songs for Winter

Songs for Winter

Tunes to Cheer Through the Chill

Welcome back to the Huckle blog. January is a miserable month so we’re livening things up with some great music from the Huckle playlist. As always, a nod to Huckle barber Marshal for his tuneful choices.

You might be broke, fat and jealous of everyone who’s buggered off to Thailand, but never mind. Just stick your headphones on and revel in these eclectic flavours. And don’t worry if you’re rich, ripped and revelling overseas. You too can enjoy the selection. We’re democratic like that.

Play on.


1. For a romantic dinner

A Night of Love - Jimmy Carter and Dallas County Green

Smooth 70s Country to bring heat to your heart as you prepare for a beasting by Sudden Stratospheric Warming (maybe).

It’s fair to call this track a hidden gem. It’s from the 1977 album Summer Brings the Sunshine, for which Jimmy Carter brought together amateur and semi-professional musicians from around rural Missouri.

We don’t know much else about it, to be honest. Other than that the smooth backing vocals, mellow pedal steel and rousing guitar licks transport us.

2. Stomping through the park

Saviers Road - Anderson .Paak

A 9th Wonder-produced banger from Paak’s latest album, Oxnard.

This is one of the album’s standout tracks and features a spooky organ loop. Oxnard, named after Paak’s hometown, is the singer’s first album on Aftermath.

Anderson .Paak isn’t broke anymore. His life looks very different after the success of his previous albums. And his content has changed accordingly. Saviers Road is Oxnard’s main street, but the song is about being saved by god and becoming famous.

3. Curled up by the fire

Heart Shaped Face - Angel Olsen

Feel the pain and hope oozing from this number about the eternal misunderstandings between men and women.

My Woman is the third studio album from the 31-year-old singer-songwriter from St Louis. Laced with yearning and resilience, it’s her best record yet. If you’re not familiar with Olsen, listen to the whole album and check out her back catalogue too.

4. Headphone moment

Sunson - Nils Frahm

A lush, nine-minute soundscape. Soothing, syncopated and entrancing. Modern classical meets German electronica.

For Berlin-based composer, Frahm, music is a religion. Have faith and the melody will lift you out of even the bluest moods. That’s certainly true of ‘Sunson’, where bass marimba and Andean pan pipes meet soaring synths.

The track builds irresistibly and envelops you. It deserves your full attention via some good headphones. If you like this, listen to the whole album — 2018’s All Melody.

5. Dancing around your bedroom (when no one’s looking)

Stay Another Day - East 17

It might be January, but who says you can’t still enjoy this classic Christmas track?

East 17’s only number one hit was released in 1994. Christ. We weren’t even teenagers. Despite being a beautifully executed piece of sentimental pop, the track was actually inspired by the suicide of songwriter Tony Mortimer’s brother.

It’s unusual for a chart smash in that there are almost no drums. And the Christmas bells at the end were added purely to cash in on the lucrative festive market. It worked.



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