Songs for Autumn

Songs for Autumn

Mellow Vibes from the Huckle Playlist

It’s autumn, dude. Has been for three whole days now. About time we hit you with another dose of sweet music from the Huckle playlist then.

Gone are those carefree summer times. Afternoons that stretch into evenings into what feels like eternity. Now dawdling dwindles and workers rush home ever quicker. No reason to linger when the temperature drops and grey skies press us to the concrete.

But wait, there are many wonders ahead. Put away your shorts and retrieve your favourite jackets and knitwear. Autumn is a much more interesting time, sartorially speaking.
Now is the season of long walks and pub lunches. Think of those crisp days with a Simpson’s blue sky above. Welcome to leaf-kicking, fire-starting autumn. We hope you enjoy these tracks.

1. Staring out of a rain-streaked window

17 Days - Prince

This is Prince stripped right back to his essence — just a piano and a microphone. Personal, unpolished and deeply affecting.

Here Prince plays the part of a lonely man whose lover has just left him. He recorded it in 1983 at his home studio while on the brink of super stardom — perhaps the loneliest place of all.

The track has hints of jazz and classical — an expansion beyond the gospel and soul that came instinctively to Prince. It’s purity is its strength. A bit like our ‘no gimmicks’ approach to barbering. We love putting this one on in the shop.

2. Skating through the park

Prog - Pinback 

Dust off your skateboard and get your old swagger back. This indie number is the soundtrack to your very own ‘boarding compilation.

Remember Transworld Sport? Glory days. Well, they produced a skate video, In Bloom. “Prog” is a standout song from the soundtrack. It has a soft grungy vibe.

Pinback are an indie rock band from San Diego, California. Listening to them takes us back to our teenage years. Hitting the skatepark after school, kick-pushing our way through the falling leaves. This track is from their 2001 album Blue Screen Life.

3. Driving down a country lane

Mix Tapes - The Nonce 

Is it us or was hip-hop just better in the mid 90s? Smooth production and laid-back rhymes on this classic from the LA double act.
Autumn makes us feel nostalgic about summer. This track makes us feel nostalgic about the golden era of hip-hop. On this track The Nonce (we have no clue) are feeling nostalgic too — reminiscing about more innocent days when they used to sell mixtapes. You’re gonna need a shovel to clear away this nostalgia.

Taken from the 1995 album World Ultimate — one of the finest examples of the underground California sound of the time.

4. Cleaning the house

Move On - Moomin 

Prepare to be hypnotised. This otherworldly drum and bass track might have you leaping around the room, or reclining in contemplation.

You can’t argue with that bass line. The rhythm builds gradually but irresistibly. An absolute roller that really gets under your skin. This works great in the shop when we feel like some electronica but don’t want to ruin the relaxed vibe.

German producer Moomin is well known for his deep house cuts. On his latest album Yesterdays Tomorrows he’s branched out to bring us some drum and bass flavours too.

5. Sipping whisky in front of an open fire

Overnight - Chilly Gonzales 

Slow down and listen. A reflective piano number to ease the transition into the new season. Simple but very effective.

In some ways autumn is season of mourning — lamenting the loss of summer’s warmth and freedom. But there’s optimism too. Change is exciting and brings new opportunities. Might now be a good time to set yourself a goal to accomplish before the year is out?

Chilly Gonzales is Canadian but lives in Germany. In 2013, he won an Album of the Year Grammy Award for his work on Daft Punk's Random Access Memories.


Happy listening.


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