How to Look After Your Moustache

How to Look After Your Moustache

Got a tash? Read on…

What prompted you to grow a moustache? Perhaps you were inspired by Movember. Or extreme forward-planning for your appearance as Hulk Hogan at a fancy dress party.

In fact, research shows that men grow their facial hair to intimidate other men. Strange but (possibly) true. Read this fascinating article to learn more about the real reason men grow beards. But that’s not why you’re here.

Whatever the reason we grow them, a well-tended moustache is a thing of beauty. If you’ve got one, you need to know how to look after it. That’s why you’re here.

Moustache care—avoiding a straggly soup-strainer, or dry, flaky skin underneath it—is not a complex job. But it does require some care and thought. The right tools and the right products will make the task easier and more enjoyable.

Read on for tips on washing, trimming and maintaining your mo.

Wash & Condition Your Moustache

A good facial wash gets rid of the accumulation of daily grime and is kind to your skin. Weekly exfoliation unclogs the pores, removes dead skin and ensures your facial hair can grow strong and healthy.

Cold winter air, hot sun, air conditioning, not drinking enough water - all these things can take their toll on your skin. And the health of your skin is critical to the health of your facial hair. So use a good quality moisturiser each day, and drink plenty of the see-through stuff (not vodka).

We recommend: Baxter of California face washes, scrubs, and moisturisers.

Trim & Shave Your Moustache

Choose your weapon. The bladed instruments available for neatening or reshaping your tash are scissors, trimmers, safety razor, and straight razor. While nothing beats a traditional wet shave with a straight razor for closeness and comfort, the easiest implement for DIY maintenance is a beard trimmer. Want to invest? Read our post on the best clippers and trimmers for home use.

Trim your moustache so that no hairs protrude over the top lip. Manicure scissors can be used to snip any stray or long hairs. Carefully cut any hairs that might be sprouting from your nasal cavity. Shower thought: What is the body preparing you for that requires hair in your nose?

Shaving gel, rather than foam, is good for moustache shaving as it gives you a better view of what lies beneath. A nice post-shave balm will keep your skin happy and irritation free.

We recommend: Proraso Aftershave Cream.

Style & Shape your Moustache

You might have an ordinary comb that works just fine on your mo. But if you’re after a dedicated piece of kit, Kent Brushes do a lovely one. Combing your moustache keeps it tangle free, and helps when trimming and styling too.

Moustache wax is not just for tash-twirling WW2 Spitfire pilots. We know you guys tend to play with your moustaches a lot. Judiciously applied wax will keep your moustache looking its best. Especially longer and bushier styles that have a tendency to run out of control. If the hair is too short, it’s much harder to tame with wax.

If you do use wax and you want to keep the shape throughout the day, it’s worth keeping a pot of wax in your pocket to top up as needed. 

We recommend: Mr King’s Marvellous Moustache Wax. And Proraso Moustache Wax for softer hair types and a more natural look.

Moustache inspiration

Time for a change? Or simply to glory at some of the most iconic moustaches of all time? If you’re looking for moustache inspiration, look no further than this wonderful round-up of lip carpet legends. And discover something fishy about Groucho Marx’s famous tash while you’re at it.

To recap, you can easily fit moustache care into your daily grooming schedule. And a well-loved moustache will ensure your effortless rise to fame and glory. Maybe.

Finally, if you need moustache advice, pop into Huckle the Barber in Shoreditch or Holborn for a chat. Our barbers are always happy to help.


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