Clippers and Trimmers

Clippers and Trimmers

Because you can’t take your barber with you

When it comes to keeping you looking sharp, nothing can replace your barber’s expertise.  But he doesn’t live in your bathroom cabinet. So, when the time comes for some DIY manscaping—beard trimming, stubble maintenance or buzzcut upkeep—you need quality kit.

That’s why we’ve chosen four of the best clippers and trimmers for you to use in the comfort of your own dressing gown. You’re welcome.

But what’s the difference between clippers and trimmers?

Clippers are usually designed to cut longer hair (or beards), but not for accurate trimming or shaving. Trimmers allow you to finesse your stubble and neckline, or even clean shave, but are unlikely to pack the punch, or attachments, needed for long hair.

Cordless or corded; the trade-off, in a nutshell, is power for flexibility.

We caught up with Huckle barber, Frazer, to get some pro knowledge on the subject.

‘You do get what you pay for, so if you choose a budget option you can expect poor battery life and a weak motor. Some cheap clippers won’t work at all on thick beards. It’s worth investing. You can buy good equipment without breaking the bank.’ 

The best clippers and trimmers 

Best for: ease of use

Wahl Super Taper (cordless)

A professional-grade cordless clipper from Wahl. The lithium ion battery offers 90 minutes of cutting time. The thumb lever allows you to adjust taper and texture without changing the blades.

Best for: power

Wahl (Five Star) Legend

A beast. Fitted with Wahl’s most powerful motor and slices through unruly manes with ease. Used by pro barbers the world over, this clipper will last for years if well looked after.

Best for: trimming and shaving

Wahl T-Cut Trimmer (cordless)

Sharp, strong blades that cut close with precision. You can use it for outlines, neckline cleanups, beard or moustache trimming. It’s good for dry shaving and gentle on sensitive skin.

Best for: one grade all over

Panasonic ER-GP80 Clipper (cordless)


If you have a buzzcut, or a one-grade beard, this beauty is for you. Light, powerful and gentle too. ‘Like a knife through butter,’ says Huckle director, Chris.

Finally, Frazer has some do-it-yourself tips:

‘Keep it simple. To avoid disasters, rely on the shape your barber has created and use your clipper or trimmer to look after it. Concentrate on following the outline or managing the length. You can always ask your barber to guide you through it.’


Huckle the Barber offers London gents smart cuts, beard trims, wet shaves and advice for home grooming. Book online here.

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